Custom Services

Custom Services

At Eturnity, customization is our specialty! With over 4o years combined experience in artistic and industrial design and manufacturing, we will guide you through the design process with ease and comfort.
Whether its personalizing one of our products, creating something entirely new and unique, or redesigning an existing piece – we will work closely with you to develop the perfect piece of cremation jewelry, miniature urn, or remembrance jewelry.

remembrance1What is remembrance jewelry, you ask? Remembrance jewelry is simply a piece of jewelry/accessory created in remembrance of a lost loved one. This is a real opportunity to turn a cherished relic, something very special to you, into something that is functional for you to wear or keep close to you everyday. Some examples include:

  • Turning cuff-links into rings
  • Upcycling heirloom jewelry or stones
  • Turning rings into a pendant (pictured below, holding a lock of hair and a rose petal)
  • Clairvoyant design/creation (contact us for more information on this special offering)


Product Customization

Almost all of our pieces can be customized in some way. For example, we can:

  • Inscribe a message/name
  • Include gemstones
  • Superimpose imagery/pictures
  • Incorporate cherished relics, heirloom stones or metals

Consultations are completely free with no obligation to purchase. Contact us to discuss custom pricing and options.